When The Lights In The Sky Go Out

I think everybody has had nightmares. Raising two children, there were nightmares that concerned their safe being. Those nightmares, I believe are normal, and to a certain extent, good. The nightmare from my early childhood stays with me today, and scares me still.

Short dream, but vivid. I awoke afterwards in a cold sweat. I know the meaning of it today, but that meaning is not good. In the dream, I was down at the park, near a bridge on a fork of the Little Blue River. I was star gazing. There are no street lights there, and the sky was ablaze with stars. And then it started. Like a pinball machine, the stars started to go dark. And then there were no stars. And there was absolutely no light in the night sky. They were gone, and they would not return.

I woke up then.
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4 Responses Apr 10, 2012

WOW sounds scary

Recurring dreams are so interesting to me....well, dreams in general are, but esp recurring ones. Is the meaning scary for you, too, is that why you don't wanna say what it means?

Dear, they often shoot the messenger. I know now, and there is little that I can do to prepare myself or others.

It sounds like a Dr. Who episode as the darkness came.<br />
What do you 'know' it means now? I am curious as to your explanation.