A Very Nice Dream That Quickly Turned Into A Nightmare

My dream started by going through 3 settings. In each setting, my goal seemed to be to make sure things went the way they should.

The 1st setting there was some criminal, mob i think, who was being chased for something he did wrong. I think he may have had some sort of mental handicap. I was seeing visions in the room, which i followed to try and save him. In the end, he still died, but he was happy when he did.

The 2nd setting was in some kind of gym. I would liken it to a parkour gym, of some sort. There mats of varrying heights, even a couple suspended near the ceiling. It was like a big obstacle course. I don't really do much here, I help set up some of the mats, helped one of the kids finish the obstacle course. Sometime during this i overhear (or perhaps just knew) that this gym had some sort of curse. Everyone's 1st day at the gym isn't very good, either it becomes just a bad day for them, they get hurt, or they see something that terrifeys them. I think about how this is my 1st day at the gym before the setting fades.

The 3rd setting is a bit unclear, and i don't remember much about it. I was driving in a car, but i can't remeber why or where i was going, but things work out well just as the 1st and 2nd did, and i'm feeling pretty good.

After the 3rd setting finishes, i find i'm back in setting 2. It seems late, there isn't much light and everything is shaded in blue. I'm laying in front of the back of a folding chair. I look up and see the face of a kid, his eyes just black caves. He is obviously dead, but he is screaming at me, giving off an air of evil. I can't move and i try to scream, but i can't do that either. Everything fades, then i find myself in setting 3 again. The car is no longer being controlled by me, it is speeding down the road at its max speed. I don't know where it is headed and i try to scream again, but still can't do it. Everything fades and i "wake up"; i know i'm dreaming, but i keep going with it. I walk downstairs from my room and head to the living room. I see my mother asleep in the rocking chair, so i go to wake her up so she can go to sleep in her room. I shake her a little saying "mom". She kind of swats me away. I do it again, except this time she lunges at me, and chases me into the computer room. I'm hidden in the shadows crouched against the wall, while she stands in the middle of the room looking around. She is breathing heavily with her fists clenched like she was extremely angry, but her eyes are still closed, and i know she is still asleep. I try to scream again, and still nothing comes out. I try harder, and finally some sound comes out and everything fades once more. I am now "awake" still dreaming but much more aware and in control. I'm in setting one again, and the person i was during it is behind me. He is zombie like and is about to bite me. Now that i'm awake and not absolutely terrified, i shattered the dream and finally wake up.
Atrus20 Atrus20
18-21, M
Sep 25, 2012