Little Girls In Dresses

I had an awfully disturbing dream the other night. I don't know where I was but all I could make out was a red brick road. I see two little girls around the age of 5. The one to my left has medium length white hair and is wearing a blouse and skirt. The one in front of me has the same haircut but is brunette and is wearing a dress. My friend appears nearby and asks me to watch her sisters while she's gone. She left before I could respond and I once again refocused on the little girls. The white haired one has not moved and is quiet. The other one comes into view and is aimlessly scuffing around and falls on her face. I am startled and try to approach her to see if she's alright, but she gets back up and repeats the same process. The second or third time she's fallen on her face, I really begin to freak out. I kneel and try to grab her shoulders but she keeps slipping out of my reach. I mentally panic and think of the damage she's doing to her brain and her face and how I can stop her. I fear what my friend will say when she sees what I've let happen to her little sister. I can only wish that my friend returns soon to control her sibling.
I awoke disgusted and afraid. I asked, "What is wrong with me that my subconscious formulated such a horrible situation?"
It made me think of how I don't like kids and I actually felt bad about it. But I would never wish harm upon them for any reason and I was panicking in my dream so I was put a bit at ease. I still felt afterward that I need psychiatric attention.
cyanisland cyanisland
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012