I've had this dream 3 times already. The first one, I was 6. The second, I was 12. The third, was 4 months ago. I remember being out in the middle of nowhere and seeing a little ranch house, but no animals (unless dirt counts). I was like the camera, I didn't have a body. I saw an adorable, blonde, 4 year old girl trotting around the house. I followed her like a guardian angel. A man stepped out of the house and grabbed the little girl by the arm and dragged her inside of the house. She screamed and cried dry tears. I guess she felt me trying to comfort her, because she calmed down. The man set up a tent on his porch for the little girl to sleep in. She stayed there for 5 days. I went to check on her and noticed her rib cage was noticable. The man noticed and fed her, then asked her to shower. She washed her body and put soap in her hair. The man burst through the door and raped her as her screams turned to whimpers to silence… I glared at the man with deep hatred. My time was up, I was raised into heaven. I was talking to the angels, when they said they had a suprise for me. I got excited as they brought the little girl towards me
♥ oh how relieved and happy I was. :) I hugged her for the longest time and then gave her to Jesus, who was standing next to me. We smiled at each other and parted.
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Dec 15, 2012