It Was...weird

Okay, that's one of the most strange dreams i ever HAD!
It was on Christmas...

I was on a Field full of Flowers, it was also sunny. On the center of the field, there was a big tree; just like the Skyscrapers, even bigger then Skyscrapers.
The Tree was white, it was a very beautiful tree if you'll ask me.
I was staring the tree...nothing more. Suddenly, i could hear a "music" coming from the tree.
I was following the music, and when i touched the tree, the music became horrible. I just woked up screaming, i was SO scared because of the music! I can even remember the damn music, hehe!

I never experienced such a dream...i don't believe it was was more like a dream, but on the end it became a nightmare.

Geez...i'll start praying before sleeping =/
Talt Talt
18-21, F
Dec 26, 2012