Read And Comment How Crazy You Think I Am!

Right so sorry if this is a bad post or what ever it's like my first one. I know it's LOADS to read. But if you read and post a reply on what you think about it. I wil be so gratefull

I would like to take you back to me aged 15.

It was around 03:45am and it had been a realy long day. I had a maths exam at school. Then straight after school I went to the gym for a 8k run.
I had set a new PB of 8km run in 38 mins on the dot. The sense of acheivement on my face was unbeleiveable. So as you can imagine it was a pretty busy day.

Anyways i would think it was around 03:15 when i was just dreaming about being in a shopping mall just going crazzzzy with my unlimited money, When all of a sudden something more important came into my dream. ( Cor if you could have experianced what i felt through my body at that point it was uninmagineable. ) It was what seemed to be someone praying to god, Now i don't know if any of you are religous. But please dont hate just becuase i am.
I could hear her voice as clear as day i will write what she said "God if you can hear me, please. Help. My ex boyfriend has just killed my boyfriend and has handcuffed me to the table while he has gone to get a few of his mates, I think they are going to rape me. please. help. help. i can hear them coming..) TO this day i still get shivers repeating that.
Not just becuase of what she said. But becuase i was like in 3rd person. NOT only could i hear her. But i could SEE her too (She was a average sized asian with black curly hair, Washed. Pretty. Greenish eyes and a pireced ear.. ) Aswell as her boyfriend. it was beyond imagination. I just HAD to have been there for it to be that real. Then i jolted and woke up. I was literally crying in my bad, not knowing what to do. I went to the kitchen and contemplated what the hell just happend. and made myself a mug of hot chocolate. I eventually fell asleep at around 04:15am.

A week has passed scince my weird dream/interpretation what ever you want to call it. Yet again it was moday morning at 03:45am
and yet again i was in the shoppingmall spending my unlimited money again. But it was different, This time i kept seeing this Asian womans face in all the shop windows, As if i was cursed. Yet again it felt as if something more important had enterd my dream. This time It wasnt back to the house of which the asian woman was in. But it was in my house. I was falling into the pit of hell whilst some crazy deep voice calmy said to me. "You failed me son" i tried replying "I'm sorry, i just kept saying it over and over. Then i started seeing these yellow,orange flames and dirty rocks with lava round them.
Then i kept saying to myself wake up josh it's just a dream, wake up! It was no use i couldn't wake up. I started to hear cakiling and screaming and shouting and yelling and coughing an pain and suffering and hurt and crying. I started to see blood and bones with radiation in the air, and then i saw regular human with a flag perched ontop of all the bones. Of which filled up the pacific ocean filled with blood.. dream ended.

WOW, the amount of chivers i'm receiving right now from telling this TRUE story, It is like i'm in the freezer.
I really don't mind if you don't beleive me. I just want to know what the hell was going through my mind when all that was happening.
I know there will be mixed opinions about this experiance, and i'm open to all.
I just need an opinion as this dream has haunted me for over a year now.
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It could have been that spaghetti dinner you had:)