Nightmares After Moving Into New Place

me and my gf are having nightmares after moving into a new apartment.. neither of us has had nightmare problems before So we're sure it isn't a sleep disorder of any kind. The nightmares are random and don't make any sense.. My gf has had dreams about the clown from the movie "it", going on a killing spree with me, being chased by dogs. I've had dreams about someone being crushed by a wood pile, an ominous looking cabin in the woods with writing on the walls, my daughter being trapped in a burning house. I've tried to look for meanings to the dreams but it just doesn't make sense. There hasn't been any sort of "activity" to suggest there is a ghost in the house and the nightmares have only started since we moved into this new place.. please help
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1 Response Jan 30, 2013

Maybe the house has a history. Check out newspapers and see if there had been violence of some kind in the house. Find out the earlier residents.