Worst Nightmare I've Ever Had.

First of all, nothing was wrong at first, actually everything was pretty
Much a blur, but then some enemy or something came up in where we were, the basement, so I made a random, unusual movie player malfunction and smoke up. We managed to flee when it got out of hand, or when we found a way to get out. Before we got somewhere safe, though, I noticed the smoke turning green slightly, and I started to get woozy and drowsy while the green and smokey fumes shot off. After we got to a safe place, there was another scene where my mother said I inhaled too much of the smoke, and I had to get put down.
I waited until it was my turn, and saw a little girl get put down just like that with a sharp, long needle, and I was up next. When they put it in, it didn't hurt really, but I started to get a little tired, and then I started to repeat, starting with having the news of getting put down and it started to get more detailed and altered. I hoped that it would be over, and at this point I knew it was a dream, then my mother woke me up, saying sorry that she woke me up early, and I started to hug her for what seemed to be an hour, silently tearing up.
Bandiboi Bandiboi
22-25, F
Oct 1, 2013