I had a peculiar yet frightening dream , rather nightmare, last night. It was in my house and I had a tutor. After my lessons, he pulled out a long sword, a knife and a bottle with some liquid in it. The whole scene turned into ghastly flashbacks. I got very scared and quietly went out the front door. But I could see what was happening inside through a small window near the door. There were four teenagers, all boys. The tutor then picked up his sword and slashed off their heads in a row... They vanished into thin air and three other people appeared. A man, and two women. The tutor poured the liquid on to a white cloth and smeared it all over their faces. He then took a lighter and lit them on fire... They died a painful death. I then, somehow, had his sword in my hand, completely clean. I put it through the latch on the door, temporarily locking him in and ran for my life. I ran down the stairs and went into the house beneath mine. My grandma lives there. I narrated the whole story to her and passed out. Then, I woke up, not with a start, but with an open mouth and wide open eyes. I would also like to mention that I saw a plane crash in the dream as well, at a very random moment which I fail to recall.
sashsash sashsash
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2014