This doesn't make any sense but then again, neither did the dream..

empty room of dark shades
I am standing face to face with death..
it looks at me in the eye
and curls a smile and slightly nods to the side
I look deeper trying to find a soul
but what’s only left is the wickedness of immortality
I smile and nod back.
it takes my hand, cold as ice
it made me feel strange inside
was I part of them now or am I just another goat in this house?
it leads the way through halls filled with screams
how strange it all seemed
I couldn’t hold in the laughter
my mind was going insane
it laugh a deep, and loud laugh along with me
as if it knew what I had said
it opens a door, and motions me to go inside
I was paralyzed
it was me, tied onto a chair
crying in fear
I turn back to look at death,
and it replies with “you know what to do next”
I walk over to the girl
and lift her chin up
she saw who I was
we were-
she was?
I could feel her trembling and the fear was bouncing on every single corner of the room
I hushed her, and looked deep into her eyes
she soon began to scream
blood streaming down her face
I felt this rush inside
I didn’t look away, and her pain never faded away
she kept on screaming, blood now streaming down her mouth, nose and ears
her eyes were slowly turning black
death whispered “once you’re done, there is no turning back”
I kept on going until her eyes-
our eyes-
my eyes?
were completely dark
I replied “this is the most fun i’ve ever had”
once I had finished this horrible yet enjoyable deed
I walked back to my new best friend and asked “who’s next?"
childofthemoon13 childofthemoon13
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 15, 2014

I had a strange nightmare too ... It's earth and they have earn it style economies to exploit the young and have the wealthy get whatever they desire instantly, people die of brutal deaths and ohh shhit I am still in this nightmare ... Life is one helll of a thing to happen to a person

I agree. :)

I mean the universe is very old and we still do have Magic wands and tech? This place is helll ... That is what I thought when I was like 3 years old ... I looked up at the stars saw the infinity universe and said to myself 'how is it possible we still don't have magic?' rOFL... I was seriously mind blown, I just said evil must have won and made magic illegal and enslaved everyone back into this low tech.