So, I had last night the weirdest nightmare. I remembered a lot of it in the morning, but most of it is gone by now.

All I remember is that I was at home, and there was this strange, uncomfortable and dangerous atmosphere. I think there were serial killers set free in the house or something, and I knew as I am walking around that I could face any of them any minute.

I remember walking in such a paranoid way in the house while feeling that I am being followed, I looked behind and it was my sister with a big knife, in my head I was like WTF, it could not be my sister who wants to kill me!!! but that was not her intention in the dream, not sure what it was though, I think she was either joking with me, or she was holding it because she wanted to cut something with it... then at that moment we reached my father's old bedroom, and here we met the real serial killers, whom, funnily enough, one of which was my client in reality, it was a big intense confrontation, I felt danger for real and I was so scared of being killed, I took the knife from my sister and stabbed them, I remember this part of the dream very well, and it is when I woke up, and was like THANK GOD THIS IS NOT REAL.

Then when I met my client later in the morning, all I could think of was; you know, I stabbed you repeatedly last night!
MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
Feb 22, 2016