Work-related Injuries.

I ended up with my two surgeries due to a work injury. If it'd been my mistake, I wouldn't have ended up angry about it, but this was caused to me by another co-worker (who, come to find out, was high on the job!). This kid ended up dislocating my left thumb so badly that it destroyed the rotator cuff that helps hold the thumb bones in.

My first surgery was to try and repair the dislocation. They took out a bit of tendon from my arm and drilled a hole through my thumb bone and my hand, and used the tendon to basically tie the two together. Afterward, I was having extreme pain even after almost a year of PT, and it was found out that the surgery gave me nerve damage in my entire hand! I ended up seeing a hand specialist, who offered another surgery to try and correct the scar tissues building up on my nerves, with a 50/50 success rate. Of course, it turned out that the second surgery didn't work, and I ended up losing the job I loved because of it.

The second doctor ended up disabling the use of my left hand, which pretty much makes me useless on the job force altogether. Lucky me.
Trinea Trinea
Jul 13, 2010