My Many Surgerys

       I have had quit my share of surgerys. First of off to start with. I have marfans syndrom. So a lot of the surgryes wheren't my fault at all. I'm only 24 years old. I feel like  thatI should be having any kind of surgery at all. From the time that I was young to now. I'm pretty much sick of surgens and hospital rooms. I'm loking forward to the day that there are no more doctors and surgens.
       The first surgys tahgt I have ever had. Was eye surgrey. I have a lazzy eye. They where to help my lazzy eye. It didn't help at all. I was young  hen so I don't remember them that much at all. My left eye is the lazzy eye. I have one eye that sees near sided and the other is far sided. At least that's one good thing about  the surgreys. They where out pationent.
        I have had my wisdom teeth taken out. I don't know if you can consider  that a surgrey at all. I only had three of  them. It still feels kind of wired where they were taken out of in my mouth.
      I have had surgrey on my bum. To remove a cyist that I had. That wasn't fun at all. i had a hard time sitting when I had the dumb cyist that was caused by a pice of hair. I couldn't sit and stand for very liong. I learned how to sleep on my side in a way  that I was  kind of on my back but my bum wasn't down on the bed at all. The second time it was drained. I ended up in the e.r. That wasn't very fun at all. When it was removed I couldn't wear my levis at all. Thats the first of three scars that I have on my back.
     In 06 I had surgery on my heart. That was heath related. One of three. I had  the aortic root replaced. That was kind of hard for me. I hate sleeping on my back. I didn't know at  the time. That you can lay on your sides in a hospital bed. I still have the scare from that surgery. I freacked out in how would take care of my pet cat. Then two weeks later I was back in the hospital to have the flooed around the heart drained. I still have that scars from that as well.
     Then in 08 I had the first of two head surgerys. That wasn't fun at all. I freacked out in how much of my hair would be shaved off. My hair takes for ever to grow. They also di surgery on the cardlege that conects the end of  the spin to the tail bone. The second scar that is on my back. That same year I had my galdbladder taken out. That one was not my faviret surgery at all. I also have the scars from that one.
       Last year was the last surgery that I have had on my  head. To keep my celebelom up where it belongs. My neck was reajuted at the same time. So, now  have a third scar thats on my back. From where they took outy part of two of my ribs. I also have metal in my neck. So, if I gotto the airport. I will set off the metal detecters. That should be fun to do that.
      I'm to that point that I feel like. I have earned every single scar that I have. They each tell a diffrent kind of story. Ihope that a guy will never be afraid of the scars that I have. My hair covers up the one that I have in the back of my head. Right in the middle part of the lower part ofthe head.

      Thoes are  the scars that I have from all of my surgerys.

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22-25, F
Aug 10, 2010