Meniscus And Acl Surgery

I've been playing soccer for over 11 years now and when i was 14 i started feeling pain in my left knee after a soccer game so i took a week off of soccer and then i proceeded  playing the following week because i thought it wasn't a big deal just a minor knee pain, but when i played my next game i jumped, and while i was in the air i felt my knee pop so instead of landing on my knee i fell on my arms for support, i was then carried off the field. Two weeks later i had an MRI done and the Doctor said i had torn my ACL. I wasn't able to play soccer for a year and after that year when the doctor told me i could play again, i injured my meniscus after barely playing my 5th game . I am to this day so upset because soccer has been my life for so long and  seeing everyone play and enjoy soccer  it just conjures up all my emotions and makes me bawl my eyes out.
bee4 bee4
18-21, F
Apr 5, 2012