Rotten Gallbladder

Last summer I went into the ER with unbelievable pains in my stomach. Come to find out that my gallbladder was literally rotting inside me. I spent a week in the hospital then a week at home with a tube sticking out of my stomach (not pleasant) Now skip forward one year and I am still haveing the same pains. I had an ultrasond and the doctors found nothing wrong. Should I get a second opinion? There has to be something still wrong.
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Also have them check to see if you have had problems with your pancreas, and get some blood work done as well, and it did wonders for me at that time, because I ended up in the hospital with dehydration ,and Pancreatitis, 4 days away from death.

After two yearsof pain in various regions of my tummy area, having a colonoscopy, upper GI, scans with and without nuke dyes, the only thing finally showing up was a gall stone. I talked to my doctor snd then the surgeon. They both said people live a long time with gall stones ... Surgery was really up to me! The surgeon said that since I have been having problems for two years he would probably have it removed. But health care insurance has changed it's thoughts about surgeries such as gall bladder and appendix and prefer proof (an I have good insurance & double coverage). So ... I scheduled surgery for the following week. He was going to also peek at the appendix to see what it looked lik, as the scans only showed a slight enlargement and insurance companies now want it to be bad before removal! Well ... Turns out I had a very rotten gall bladder and the surgeon never got to look at the appendix because he found and spent and extra hour removing lesions attached to the intestines!! This didn't show up on any tests! I have to wear a drain until I see the doc next week. I sm so glad I went with my gut. It's really up to you to be persistent ... It is your body and you know when something is not right. Fortunately I have supportive doctors but find a new one if you do not find the support. Ask a lot of questions, then read up on what they tell you, ask some more questions ... But stick to it until you find the answers!

YES. Get a second opinion. I had to get a couple opinions.

i too had my gallbladder out last year, i sometimes get pains stll in my side. i have a high tolerance for pain so i dont think the pains are too bad, but hey, a second opinion never hurts right

Had my gallbladder removed. What an awful experience that was. The morophine was pretty good though :)

find a gastro enterologist who is willing to look at you and your PAIN not what the gall bladder itself is doing! get that sucker outta ya if it's continuing to plague you. mine was removed last week w/ emergency surgery. they told me i'd let it go so long it nearly ruptured. fact is i had my first attack in sep 06 and my 4th in april 07. they had begun getting progressively worse (in intensity and pain), frequent, and growing longer. so i went to the doctor in may and got some labs done. i wasn't scheduled to get the results until next week. a week late and a gall bladder short on that one eh? they gave me shot of morphine after shot of morphine in the ER. it didn't help one little bit. finally 3 hours later they gave me a shot of toradol which is an anti-inflammatory. it helped nearly immediately. so ... take some ibuprofen, naproxen or advil next time you're having an attack. attacks are due to an 'inflamed' gall bladder according to my surgeon and that's why the nsaid (anti-inflammatory) worked rather than the morphine. hopefully that will help some. but be sure to find a doctor who will listen!!! these organs of ours ... when inflamed ... they can rupture and kill us - worst case scenario.

A second opinion seems like a good idea. I vote to get the offending organ out! There is no good reason to live in perpetual pain.

Hi. Sorry to hear your are in pain, but in my experience, you should definitely get a second opinion. I had the same condition with my gallbladdar. I had a few episodes before they could even figure it out! So, finally, I got it removed when I was about 16 (about 5 years ago) and have never had a problem again. Recently, my aunt saud she was having recurring stomach pain, but her back was also sore, and we are waiting to find out what they tell her about that.