4 Surgeries.

I have had 4 surgeries during my lifetime so far(I am now 46) the first when I was 18 and the most recent one last YR. I had them on my boobs, my nose(it was broken when I got beat up by bullies) my abdomen, and had my gallbladder taken out. It was my gallbladder most recently I had removed last YR. I didn't have any serious anesthetic or post-op problems with any of them but with the gallbladder I thought I had a blood clot in my lung as I had bad chest pain and was short of breath 6 days after so I went to the ER and the blood test initially tested positive for a clot but a lung scan was clear so they just think it might have been internal bruising or something was "nicked" during surgery. I found out afterwards as well with the pathologist's report that I had it removed just in time,too; it was on the verge of rupture! I have so many scars on my body now I look like Frankenstein but I see them as my "war wounds" or "battle scars" of life that I have survived and lived to tell the tale!
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That's a wonderful way to lookat it. My scars are emotional, but I feel the same way. God bless. Hug hug

My father had to have his gal bladder removed too several years before he died and I was just a little kid in elementary school at that time.