Too Many Times For My Young Life!

good grief!  where do i begin?  i guess i'll just start where i do for the doctors when i'm asked about surgeries.

1992 - oral surgery - gum graft (scheduled)

1994 - oral surgery - partially bony wisdom teeth extraction x4 (scheduled)

1994 - rt knee arthroscopy (scheduled)

1996 - emergency LEEP due to cancerous cells in the fem region - have been clear since! 

1998 - excision of pylonidal cyst (scheduled)

SIX years doing good until ...

2004 - lt knee acl, mcl, pcl replacement with hamstring (scheduled after ER visit)

2004 - lt knee debriment (scheduled)

2004 - 39 lumbar sympathetic blocks/'procedures' w/ IV's and the whole nine (first one emergency the rest scheduled)

2004 - dorsal column stimulator trial implant (scheduled)

2004 - dorsal column stimulator trial implant removed (emergency - body rejected w/i 19 hrs)

2007 - emergency lap chole (gall bladder excision emergency style)

2007 - 39 more lumbar sympathetic blocks/'procedure' planned

isn't that an awful list for a 31 yr old woman?  i'd always been a healthy and active woman.  the RSD (2004) has plagued me and i'm sure it will continue to if it follows the path it's on...

am currently undergoing treatment for both pituitary and thyroid gland troubles.  we'll see what happens. 

also come from a long line of women who've had early, emergency hysderectomies and with my previous fem trouble ... well ... your guess is as good as mine.


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I myself have always been a healthy person. I am going to have a myomectomy surgery this Monday and I'm pretty frightened. This will be my second surgery in my life, but unlike the last surgery this is a more serious one, so It's been making me think of the more important things in life. <br />
We are very close in age. I'm 29, will be 30 in a few months. I've never had children and not sure if I want to. Having this surgery will give me the option though. I'm assuming you know what a myomectomy is since you've had family history of hysterectomy.

One can only hope!<br />
<br />
Thanks for your comment, c.

Yes, that's awful. I've only ever had gall bladder surgery, and that was "keyhole" and very straightforward. I don't envy you. Maybe you'll improve in middle-age as the rest of us fall apart?