My Operation

When I was 4 years old, I was diegnosed with cancer,. They operated and the operation whent wrong, I died a few times but I was brought back with the shoker things,exceopt the last time, they told me[As I cant remember anything befor or after the op.]they said that I had died and, I had been dead for about half an hower and they had tried every thing[bloud clot]but they took me of the beep,,,,beep.. machine, and had left me... They said a nerse had just come in to get my sertificat or paper where it said i was dead, and aparently I woke up with a jolt and was breathing, hehe aparently the nerse fainted at the sight of me alive...and as she fell she must have knoked over a glass or something cuz my mum said they heard a loud noise from the room that I was in, and they ran in the nerse was alrite by the way just a littl

But anyway, I survived and ever since theyve called me a walking miricle and I have since been told about all this[years ago, beeing as I couldent remember anything], I have been to see some pyskiks and they told me that it wasent my time and I am here to do something special, so there you go!!?? since then again quite recently I have been diegnosed with cancer again,. What do you think should I go threw with it all over again???

Well as soon as I figure that out Ill tell you guys...

So, anyway since then I have had many near to death, experiances but I have never died,.Lucky me hehehe[sigh],. I wish life was easeyer, but I guess, life is life and we all must live with the consecuences of it...

LOve and light Phoenix xx

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Amazing story.