I broke my ankle horribly this past June while playing kickball. My left foot slipped and I ended up turning my right foot completely to the right. They had to twist it back in place and give me emergency surgery. They inserted the hardware that's shown in the picture.
That was my first surgery ever, and I contracted a bad infection in the ankle from it. So I had two more surgeries about a week later to clean it out. I have had a piccline in my arm ever since in order to get my medicine.
And now, 6 weeks later, I'm getting another surgery on thursday to have all the hardware they put in me taken out in case the infection is still in there. I'm scared that the infection is still prevalent and ill need to keep the piccline in. Also, I just started walking with the boot without crutches and I really don't want to regress back to them.
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I hope things are ok for u!! I had brain surgery and suffered a stroke when I was in my coma!! I got hurt while fighting for our country in Iraq!!