I was a sophomore in high school, (Yea, I know pretty young), and I was in a relationship with two senior guys. I met a guy named "V" in my new school. I was pretty shy & he always made me laugh. We immediately hit it off & fell in love. He was the type of guy that would do anything in his power for me & I for him. Then I met "J"...he was a sexy wrestler with a great body and when we first met we knew we were attracted to each other. After awhile we began a romantic relationship as well but it didn't go so smooth. One day V caught me & J kiss (which i should've known better since we all went to the same school) but he didn't make a big fuss about it. He thought i didn't want him anymore so we went our separate ways for awhile and even tried to focus more on J. But I couldn't stop thinking about V. I told J this & he shrugged it off like no big deal. One day a huge fight broke out between the two guys and I had enough. I remember shouting at them at the same time saying",LOOK I LOVE BOTH OF YOU! IF NEITHER ONE OF YOU LIKE IT THEN LEAVE!" They both got quiet but we never really spoke about our relationship. A lot of people in school knew the that both guys were inlove with me and knew the feeling was mutually & surprisingly nobody really judged me on it. I couldn't help the way I felt and they couldn't either. Throughout the year we had a little routine going on so they wouldn't feel wierd about anything. I would see V in the morning (since he lived in my neighborhood) and would see J right when I got to school. But this isn't a happy ending. My mother got terminally ill so I had to move back in with her, therefore breaking my relations with both of my guys. Currently I am still in contact with one of them but I hope to one day make it so I could have that love again.
Since I first started dating I never really could see myself with just one guy. I thought it was just because I was young, but now that I'm thinking about it...I still feel the same.
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hey you can't help how you feel or who you want. do what you want andd have fun