Wow, What A Day

The story I'm about to tell was told to me by my wife. Last Thursday night while lying in bed my wife came from the bathroom and asked if I was going to take my shower. I told her that I would rather take it in the morning and that's the LAST THING THAT I RECALL until late Friday afternoon. As I'm told, I came out of the shower Friday morning and went into the kitchen to tell my wife that I couldn't remember anything. At that point she told me everything would be fine and called 911. I told her that I would go out on the front porch to wait for and greet the ambulance. As the ambulance arrived a good neighbor came over to see if he could provide any assistance. I was taken to the hospital examined by the doctor, given I.V's in both arms and sent for a CT scan and an MRI. The tests didn't show any evidence of a blood clot or bleeding. I guess it was somewhere around 3:00PM when I started to come out of it. At that point I started asking my wife where I was, how did I get here, how did she get there, etc. She wasn't sure when I came out of it because apparently I had been asking those same questions all day. I was released from the hospital at around 4:00PM Since the event, now a week ago, I've felt somewhat removed and drained. I have no memory of the events from Thursday night until Friday afternoon. I can't begin to wonder what it must be like for folks who suffer from an extended episode of amnesia
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