The Best Day Of Sex In History

ok, so my boyfriend came over 2 my house and i was asleep apparently. So, he told me after this had happened, that he had slid into bed with me and started stroking my ***. I woke up with his hand in my pants still stroking my ***. So i sleep with only my underwear on. I uncovered the covers, and i streched. he was staring at my bra, and i nodded and layed back down. his warm hands unclipped my bra and he began carressing my breasts. Then i pulled him down and i started kissing him like mad. then we lay still. To my surprise, he asked me, " do u want 2 take a shower?" i said yes. i didnt know that he was following me so i ******** down untill i was naked. i got in the stall and turned the water on. he came in and i was like "together?'' and he said yes, so we showered together. i washed his body and he washed mine. he washed my breasts extra good and long, and i washed his chest and penis for 10 minutes. we got out and then for a change we went to take a bath. mine is small, so if 2 people go in, they have to enertwine themselves together. it was so fun, especially when he massaged my boobs. later in the afternoon, he came back with all of his sexy friends and he asked me 2 ***** in front of them. i did and i got complemints on my *** and boobs. they were just standing there, and one of them goes," what r we doing DIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" they jumped at me and started touching me everywhere. oh this felt so good. there were hands ALL over me. they left, and my boyfriend and i had sex untill 4am in the morning the next day. Best day ever huh? 
caireunderwood caireunderwood
22-25, F
May 15, 2012