That Kiss

I was googling the meaning of a dream and found another dream posted here that was exactly like mine. I knew it was a dream and I was slowly, passionately kissing someone. It was the best kiss ever and it felt real. So slow and just so beautiful. I felt sparks coursing through my body and mind, like they say. But you see, I didn't see who the person one. Their face was blurry and I could only see just their lips when we leaned in. Then I felt like someone was trying to get me awake in the real world, I knew it was a dream. So I unfortunately had to pull away to wake up to no one trying to wake me. Two minutes later, my mother called raining her wrath of fury. I've recently been hurt by my best friend/boyfriend who left me for another girl yet wants both of us?But that kiss will forever be in my memory. I hope I'm not aiming to high when I say I want my husband and I's kiss like that. If anyone can help, I want to know what the damn dream means.
rawwwzle rawwwzle
13-15, F
May 31, 2012