16) I Help Close Up The Bar: By Rocco Tailspinner At

(16) I Help Close Up the Bar (Story by my friend listed above)

As soon as I entered the busy watering hole the bartender caught my eye. I was rooted to the spot, utterly mesmerized by this sexy hunk of manhood. Eventually I got a hold on myself, ordered a drink and begin to chat with the customers at the bar. But I did not for long stop watching him out of the corner of my eye. Once or twice I got the feeling that he saw I was looking at him and was not puzzled as to why.

It's not as if I had never been to a bar before and didn't know that the bartender is not only used to being the focus of customers' interest but also to ignoring it. Still, I hoped that somehow he might be open to an offer by the end of the night. I bought several drinks over the next three hours and made sure he registered that I gave larger than customary tips. Not that I could buy him or anything like that, but at least prepare the ground to be friendly when the bar closed.

When the last call for orders sounded, I slipped away to the john and waited for the last customers to be gone before making my presence known. I sat in a stall and sure enough at last he came in to pee. While he was forcing out a steady stream I left the stall and stood at the urinal next to him, blatantly staring at his ****. He saw me and said, "Hey, the bar is closed, locked up for the night."

"I know," I replied, "But I was hoping . . . you might . . .er . . . be interested in . . . ah . . . .a little . . . uh . . . action."

"Such as . . .?" he tested my nerve. I just stared him straight in the eye and licked my lips.

"Yeah, I see what you mean." he said, just staring back with a wicked knowing grin. "You wanna suck my ****?" he demanded. When I remained silent while still staring, my face blushing red, he said, "Well, do you?" I gulped and nodded. "Get to it, then," he ordered, dropping his jeans to his knees.

I had hoped to do it in a stall, especially in case any other employee should come in. "Here?" I asked plaintively, "Not in there?" He stared sternly, making no reply. I didn't want to lose my chance, so I knelt right there before him. I had thought he was hot, but as I saw his **** and balls, his muscular thighs and abs, I was transported to the land of Eros.

The fact is that his **** was delicious and I pulled off from time to time to suck his balls and prolong the event. Cupping his bubble buns, I pulled him closer and deeper into my mouth, all the way to the hilt. I sucked as if my life depended on it, which, in a sense, it did, because he would be dangerous if angry. Then he got into it and held the back of my head and ****** my face, grunting and groaning much of the time. First there was the pre ***, sweet as could be, and then finally a gush of hot thick creamy *****. Actually, several gushes: he's a very healthy male. So I moaned appreciatively, sucking as hard as I could, and then swallowed hard, over and over.

When his balls were empty and he pulled out, he held his **** and ran the still streaming head all over my face. OMG, I loved that. I looked up at him and he sneered in a dominant way. Then he grabbed my hair and held my head back a bit and began to **** all over my face. He didn't have a lot in him, after peeing before, but it was enough to signify my submission to him. I pressed my face against his crotch and just purred.

Then he stepped back, zipped up, and said, "Thanks for helping with the closing up," as he led me to the front door and locked it behind me. The cool night air brought me back to reality, but the stars twinkled extra brightly in the sky.

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MMM sucking hard healthy ****

I love this story..I've been on my knees servicing guys a bxx thxxx cxxx in my mxxxx and axxxxxx..

you could take care of me

Yes it was hot. But not like getting sucked.