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(17) In Peril in Peshawar ( Story by my friend listed above)

"But Peshawar is so fascinating, with all its ancient ruins," I replied to a US military representative, when told that it was worth my life to be out on my own in this remote city of Pakistan. I was sure nothing would happen to a young American who's just minding his own business. Wrong!

Climbing on one of the oldest ruins I was stopped by two paramilitary guys bearing rifles and not timid about pointing them at me. Their English was sufficient to communicate with me, but not for me to communicate with them. They made it clear I was to come with them. I could feel this was trouble, but I did not know what to expect.

We arrived at a dark hole in a wall, which gave onto a passage so murky I could not gauge where I was going. The paving was rough and then we went down one, then two, and yet a third flight of stone stairs to what must have been a sub-basement before a bomb had released it to open air. At that level I was taken into the presence of a formidable man with dark eyes and a trimmed black goatee, wearing a black beret and red pants, no shirt.

His eyes bored through me as he stared up and down, saying nothing. He was at once both terrifyingly masculine and overwhelmingly attractive. His amazingly buff body, lightly feathered with hair, exuded a spicy aroma of feral maleness and sweat. He was clearly studying my reactions, which I tried to mask under an impassive face -- but I must have betrayed myself. I truly wanted to get out of this situation with as little involvement as possible, but I would be lying if I did not admit that this man was desirable beyond my wildest dreams, waking every hormone in my body to full attention.

The mystery of what was now to take place was soon solved. He started pushing down his pants while my two captors held my arms and a third opened my belt and fly and pulled down my jeans. They all snickered when they discovered that I had on nothing underneath. Then they pushed me down on my knees with my face just next to his crotch. What dangled before me was one of the largest ***** I have ever seen, hanging over a ball sac of amazing size.

No mistake: I was here for his pleasure, whatever that might turn out to be. That I was to suck became clear when he guided his **** head all over my face and then between my lips. Well, I thought, I can at least represent my country respectably, so I began to suck him with my best technique. Clearly it found favor because he grunted and growled with satisfaction and even thrust his thick penis into my throat. It was all I could do to refrain from gagging uncontrollably -- but with heroic self-control, I did.

That was not to be the end of it though, because he pulled out and motioned to my captors to turn me around and bend me over. I was grateful that I had generously covered his **** with spit, but I feared for my anus, for this was to be a larger insertion than I had ever experienced. Pressing against my pucker, it promised pleasure, but as he pressed his **** head through my sphincter I experienced pain beyond anything I had ever imagined in sex.

I gasped and cried out, but he responded merely by slapping my *** cheek as hard as he could. It stung, but what could I do, held in place as if by iron restraints. Then he began to push in, inch by inch, until he had filled my as chute more than I ever dreamed it could be and ground his crotch against my ***. At that point the pain began to be mixed with pleasure and I did not mind when he pulled nearly out and then thrust slowly back in to the hilt, pressing hard once again.

This went on and on, but as he became more excited he began to thrust faster and faster, also harder. By now, however, I was used to it and was beginning to enjoy it, although I could not imagine what was to happen after he shot his wad. He grabbed my hips and ****** me hot and heavy, even trembling as he got close to the edge. Grunting and groaning with male lust he let out a great gasp and then I could feel the hot discharge from his loins coursing into my bowels. Truth to tell, I had gotten a hard-on and when he came so did I, all over the ground. The young captors laughed out loud.

I thought maybe now that the big satyr had spent his lust they would let me go. But soon it became evident that as leader he had simply enjoyed first dibs. Then one after the other, the men gathered there -- I eventually counted ten -- took turns ******* me. My two captors, as the junior contingent got sloppy lasts. As for me, I discovered that I am a pig ****, never mind the pain.

Almost too sore to walk, *** streaming down my thighs onto my jeans, I was finally released into the dark unlighted streets. Soon I was picked up by the police and taken in for questioning, under suspicion of fostering decadence in their manly society. Finally, though, they called a US official who came to the station and took me away. As we parted he said, "I guess you know now why it's not safe to be out on your own in this city."

"Oh ****," I thought, "Does he somehow know all about what happened . . .?"

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