Marriage Was Always On The Cards

The best sex I ever had was the first time my wife and I slept together. My wife is older, extremely confident, experienced and unbelievably sexy as a result. As much as I knew she liked me I never had the confidence to push it. Having flirted together for months at work and swapped stories of current partners we were very good friends. Although this made me realise I had to be great.

A simple Friday meal at my house, planned for four but ended up as two turned into my greatest ever experience. She wore a thin flowery dress and smelled amazing. We drank some wine and chatted but things felt different. My housemate, who she had been seeing, was away and we both were nervous. I had an E left over from a party the previous weekend and we shared it. Within minutes we were all over one another.

Instantly I realised she was desperate for me, legs waxed and amazing underwear, I carried her to my bedroom. Her desire for me turned me on beyond anything I had known. As I took off her dress it revealed the smoothest bald ***** I had ever seen, like velvet, she pushed my head towards her. We can both remember the exact feeling the first time I went inside her, we've never felt anything like it.

The sex we had that night was the most passionate and intoxicating experience and changed my life. She came on a number of occasions and absolutely soaked my bed through. My wife gave me the confidence there and then to become the best lover I could be and realise I was capable of not just getting girls to bed but blowing their brains out, I reckon the hard on it gave me was worth an extra inch at least. Confidence breeds confidence and I know now even after 10 years that I can make her come hard, quickly or over and over because she loves it.

My wife gets ****** properly because she makes me feel great, huge lesson for women here, men want to feel awesome not just to come that is the easiest thing in the world. Make him believe he is the greatest, teach him how to be and he will try harder and harder and harder..... The more confidence you give him the better he will become, better every time. it's all in the head.....

Wanwils Wanwils
31-35, M
Aug 19, 2011