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The Last 12 Hours

The last 12 hours, Mrs. Lucky and I have had more *******, than I can count!  Priscilla popped, three times and I'm not sure, just how many *******, Mrs. Lucky gave me internally, while using the ****** on me.  She had several awesome *******, too!   I caused the first one, by rubbing Priscilla on her ****!  Another, while she was riding sybian (our power vibrator).  After riding on sybian, a person is so limp and relaxed there is nothing, one can do, but lay down for a few minutes, while the quivering in the whole body quits.  It causes the most awesome *******.  And yes I've experience it before!  Oh yah, I almost for got.  I made myself cream pie and it was Delicious!  I'm rather sure Mrs. Lucky is quite satisfied!
haileeTV haileeTV 41-45, T 3 Responses Oct 2, 2011

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Wow that sounds like a fun time, can I buy a ticket to attend next time? ;)

I would love to experience a Sybian! Haven't had the opportunity yet.<br />
<br />
I love that you two exchange messages about your sex publicly right here on EP! That is SOOO cool. You two rock!

thanks for all of your comments. Especially this one about Mrs. Lucky and I! She's so good to me! And she's just getting adjusted to all this on ep! It really gets me hot that she's now involved!

Makes me hot too!

Oh you are SO right. MrsLucky was QUITE satisfied, as am I every time, my dear!!