Warm Spring Rain

When I get down about the state of my sexless loveless marriage I remember the best sex I ever had! The best making love of my life.   And I smile.

Back when I was a younger hot blond woman I met a man that could melt me with one look.  I can remember the night I first saw him across a bar where a bunch of us gals were sitting and having a nice evening out.  I was laughing and having a great time acting the cutup when I felt someone looking at me.  I remember turning around in my seat towards the door and seeing a man with dark eyes and a black mustache staring at me and I felt a hot tingle start at my head and go all the way to my toes.  Our eyes met and we held this gaze for such a long time that it became obvious to my girlfriends.  But to me it was as if everyone else disappeared and there was just this handsome stranger looking at me like he knew everything about me.  This irritated me a little but intrigued me even more. 

I turned away and then looked back at him and he was still giving me this piercing look.  I thought to myself "Okay fella.  Let's see what you are all about?" and got up and walked up to him and stood there looking up into flashing dark eyes that sparkled with a sense of humor I found quite enticing.  My heart was pounding for some reason and I composed myself and asked him why he was staring at me and he replied "I am looking at someone different".  Different?  What's different about me I wondered?  I was about to find out.  Oh boy, was I about to find out!

We made a little small talk and then my friends wanted to leave and go to a club some miles away.  I told him that we were leaving and he asked where?  Later on he and his buddy walked into the second place and once again, there was this stare that shook my heart but all we did was talk.  I had on jeans and a green top that I had embroidered strawberries on across my chest and he made a remark that he liked how I displayed my berries!  I laughed so hard at this because it was funny and I had been drinking for awhile.  I was out to have some fun and am not a prude in any way.  He bought me a drink and things were going well and then he had to leave with his friend.  As he walked out the door, I turned to my friends and put my hands in the air in an "oh well" gesture.  

About a month went by and I put this man out of my thoughts.  I was busy with work and raising my daughter.  One night I was home after a hard day at work and my girlfriend called me and told me that Bud was down at the club about a mile from my apartment and for me to come down. "Bud?  Who is Bud?" I asked.  "Just get yourself together and come down here." she replied.  I asked my mom if my daughter could stay the night and got her over to Grandma's house two doors down and went off with a question in my mind about this Bud.  When I walked in the door there was my dark handsome stranger!

No sooner than I had sat down another man approached me and I thought to myself "It must be a slow night in town!".  How would my handsome stranger handle this?  To my surprise he knew this other man and they started talking and then Bud put his hand on my shoulder as if to say "Get lost fella.  She's with me tonight." I liked this about him.  No fuss. No words.  Just this simple gesture.  

When this other admirer had left, Bud told me that he had asked about me and found out that I had just moved to my state from another.  Then he said something to me that a lot of women would take offense to.  He told me that he knew I was not the "town pump" because he had never heard of me!  I sat there for a minute and then burst into laughter!  "The town pump?" I said. "Not hardly!".  I was just getting my feet back on the ground after my divorce and was enjoying my time with my daughter and my family and friends. 

We spent a wonderful evening full of laughter and dancing.  He was separated at the time and had three children that he dearly loved.  Not that night but soon after we started a romantic relationship and I could feel myself falling in love with this man.  He was smart and funny and lived life with an enthusiasm that I found refreshing and exciting.  Everything was an adventure for us.  We went fishing and camping and he had a hunting camp about two hours north of where I lived and invited me up for a week.  He had already left and I had the directions and got off of work and made sure my daughter was safe at my mother's.  Mom was happy for me as she knew how hard my divorce had been on me.  I set off on my trip to see my love and my heart was singing with happiness.

As I drove north I wondered what new experiences I would have with my wonderful and sexy lover?  Little did I know that my biggest sexual fantasy would soon come true!  I got to Bud's camp and he greeted me at my car door with a hug and kiss that would melt metal!  We got my gear put away and then he took me to meet some friends of his  that were some miles down the road.  It was springtime and the trees were budding and there was a gentle warm rain falling.  I sat next to my love and he put his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder.  We sang along to his truck radio and my world was complete.  Or so I thought.  I was introduced to so many people and could see how proud Bud was of me.  And I was proud to be with him too.

After a few hours we started back to his camp.  It was late afternoon and the rain was still softly falling.  I remember feeling so loved and secure with this man.  So happy.  Then he suddenly pulled off onto the side of the road!  "What?" I asked him.  He gave me a soul searching kiss that I felt with every cell in my body and then told me that we were going for a walk.  He grabbed a coat and took my hand and led me out into the warm spring rain.  We walked and walked out into the forest and I remember how that forest smelled.  It smelled fresh and green and I raised my face to the rain and it wet my skin.  Then my love placed his coat on the warm wet ground  and started slowly undressing me.  His lips traced every inch of my skin as he removed every stitch of my clothing and his lips felt like fire on my trembling body.  He knelt before me as he slowly unzipped my jeans and my legs became weak as my knees started to shake.  As he slowly slipped my jeans down, his mouth caressed every inch of my legs and I raised my face and parted my lips and felt the rain on my tongue.  It tasted like wine.  Sweet and intoxicating.  He ran his tongue across my belly and I grabbed his head with my hands wanting him closer to the center of my fevered body and he told me "Slow and easy woman. Just enjoy."  He finally slipped my panties off and I was shaking like a leaf in a strong breeze and he looked up into my eyes and smiled that lazy smile that drove me wild! 

He lay me down on his coat and then just stood there looking down at me.  From my head to my toes and slowly back up again as if he was memorizing exactly how my pale body looked against the green cover that carpeted the spring forest floor.  We locked gazes and I arched my back up towards him and held out my arms and once again he spoke to me "Slow and easy woman".  I raised my arms above my head and waited while the rain washed over my trembling body and then my love slowly undressed for my eyes.  

His black eyes sparkled and his dark hair was wet with the raindrops.  The rain washed over his chest and dripped off of his hard nipples and then trickled down over his belly and I wanted to reach out and take a bite out of his wet flesh!  Finally my love stood there naked and breathtaking and I reached my arms out to him again and he came down on my aching body.  He buried his hands in my wet blond hair and we kissed so tenderly.  Our warm tongues caressed each other and then he lowered his head and took my nipples one by one in his hot mouth and I gasped with pleasure.  The feelings were so incredible and I looked up to the rain filled sky and gave thanks to what God had placed me this day with this man in such a place.  

Down my belly he went again with his mouth and by this time I was shaking so hard that the ground beneath my naked body gave off soft sighs to match my own.  He reached the center of my femaleness and I felt his tongue caress me there and I gave a moan of pleasure and then he looked up at my face and told me "Slow and easy."  By then all I desired was that he take me.  Pound my body into the wet soft earth beneath my quivering body but he still made me wait.  Down the inside of my thighs his mouth traveled and his lips were like a flame burning his love and desire for me into my soft pale skin.  Everywhere his mouth touched was like a brand he left on my flesh and I knew that I would remember this day, this man for the rest of my life.

Finally neither of us could take another second of slow and easy and he came up to me and lay his body on top of mine and we joined in a lover's dance as old as time.  I was so wet.  So ready and as he entered my body tears came to my eyes.  He saw my tears and kissed them away and we lay for a minute joined and still.  Our hearts were pounding so hard that we could feel this between us and then we started moving together.  Time was lost to me then.  There was nothing but my lover and myself in the world.  This incredible joining of our wet bodies and the green of the trees above us.  The smell of my lover was mingled with the fresh green smell of the forest and it was the sweetest of perfumes I have ever known.  As our passions rose my body felt like burning lava and I swear the raindrops sizzled as they fell onto my body. 

As we both reached a climax that was like none I have ever felt before or since, I started crying out in a deep gut wrenching kind of moaning that echoed through the forest and he matched my moans with his own.  I was wild and out of control and felt like some savage untamed tigress being tamed with my man's mouth and hands and thrusting maleness.  My climax lasted for so long that I almost passed out.  For a brief moment I believe that I did.  We lay there still joined and wet with rain and our mingled sweat.  Slowly caught our breath and quieted our beating hearts. Kissed gently and with love and tenderness.  Then my love slowly stood up and I saw his maleness wet with my body.  He put back his head to the rain and gave a yell that reverberated through the trees and I put back my head and matched his cry.  

Months before I had told my love that my fantasy was to make love in the forest in the warm spring rain and he remembered this.   He made my fantasy come true and I will love him until the day I die for this memory.  If there is a heaven on this earth, then that day in that warm spring rain was my heaven on earth.



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Been some time since I have been on EP but I am happy to inspire others. Our memories warm our hearts with what was but our futures are full of " What is possible". Never doubt that you can find love. If a human being asks for the deepest of what is lacking with the best of intent, the Law of Attraction will bring it. Always remember that the one person you first must love is yourself. Once you can look in the mirror and see the goodness that is in you, then your path will become clear and you will find magic. <br />
<br />
I acknowledge that this journey has been hard at times for I am my own worst enemy. Too old. Too fat. Too wrinkled and flawed. However my dear friends, my partner sees my beauty. He looks at me and sees a good woman who has always tried her best. Do not worry about how you look or your age. A true heart sees who we are and accepts us for the good and the bad. <br />
<br />
"Warm Spring Rain" was a memory of long ago when I was young and beautiful even though I had no idea of my beauty at that time. Now I am a seasoned woman and the years show on my face and body. I have found that love comes even to us who have passed the accepted ideals of society. There is much to say for the seasoned man or woman who has experienced life and still yearns and is capable of giving. Love and passion is not only for the young but also for the young at heart. Learning this lesson has set me free. I am humbled and blessed in this lesson. Peace and love to all. D

that was so romantic, sensual, memory of a lifetime.

I almost cried reading this, so inspirational. I hope I cab find true love one day, :) <br />
<br />
Blessings, Vixen <3

Thank you kayamat for your comment. It is wonderful to feel sexually alive again after so many years of rejection. That young woman I was so long ago can still feel desire and passion and that is a blessing! I am glad that I could get my feelings across in my story and that you enjoyed reading it. Peace, D.

wow that was d great feeling of love and making love. i m glad to read ur story n i felt ur feeling of that time. god bless u

This happened when I was single. Now I have to qualify my story with this comment. The best sex I have ever had is with the man that I am spending the rest of my life with. Because there is mutual love and respect between us and that he truly cares for me means that I can experience sex with him on a level I never before knew. Over thirty years has gone by since the experience I wrote this story about and I have learned that great sex is different than great love making but thank you for enjoying this story.

WHAAAT? Outside in the rain? This belongs on film! lol I hope your husband knows nothing of this...and I can't believe i sat here and READ this at work smh

Glad you enjoyed this CJ. Thank you for your comment. Blessings, D.

D this story is so inspiring. Your very well written. Great!!!

Thanks to all of you who commented on this story. Strangely enough I have finally found a man who is so much more than this story. He is my soul mate. I have been blessed with so many wonderful experiences in my life. Just got back home from two days and nights at work and I started a sort of firestorm with another story I just wrote on Ep. New experience for me and I find it quite invigorating. <br />
<br />
I write to inspire and get people thinking about life. I have lived a lot of life and there is so much more to come. Warm spring rain was a magical time but it is in the past. A lovely memory and now I am creating more warm and lovely memories with my true life partner. So much more in store for us. <br />
<br />
Live life! Feel life! Enjoy the human experience. Feel passion and desire. Please do not just go through life. Find your own warm spring rain. Blessings, D.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I can say. Wow!!!!

How wonderful to have found love on so many levels!