Chicken Pox And The Thrilling Sequel . . . . Shingles!!!

When I was a tender age of 4 I got the chicken pox. I only remember a few things about like being itchy and taking those really weird baths. For some reason I enjoyed them even though I wasn't taking my normal bath lol!!! I got to miss pre-school and hang with my grandparents, my mom and I lived there for a little while. When they were gone I somehow though my nipples were left over chicken pox. I really don't know why. I was 4 that is probably a good explanation why. I watched all my siblings except my baby brother get them. I am pretty sure also that my mom made play with a kid who had them so I could get them. Haha parental germ warfare!!!

So after the blockbuster event of Chicken Pox the highly unanticipated sequel was released . . . . . Shingles!!! When I was 23 I started getting this itchy and nagging pain on back but I didn't notice anything for about two weeks. I went into the bathroom and looked at my back. I was like . . . . what is that!? I saw this pattern of circular sores from the middle of the back that circled all the way around to my chest. I thought is that shingles? Yes. Its shingles. At 23 years old. If you have been around me for years this is hilarious. Anyway I went to the doctor and he prescribed me Valtrex, yes the pills you get if you have the Herp EEEEs. Those pills are so huge that it reads 1 gram on the tablet. The pain from shingles got so bad I couldn't move to much. My only relief was a nice back rub from my girlfriend. Oh yeah that was nice. It took about a month to go away but the pain stayed for years. Nerve damage is the most painful which is where the virus comes from. There isn't any good explanation but sometimes stress can reactivate it. Shingles are no fun!!!
Antwan1914 Antwan1914
26-30, M
Apr 26, 2012