As a Kid

 it wasn't too bad. i wasn't that sick. the whole itchy pustules thing is a bit gross. but i managed to get over it without any significant scarring, or any bad consequences. i'm glad i had it as a kid, i hear its pretty bad as an adult. i wonder why that is.


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that's pretty handy to know.<br />

Adults usually get shingles or herpes or cold sores as well as chicken pox......its all from the same virus !<br />
<br /> a natural amino acid the body needs at these times.....its cheap and available from pharmacy or health food cant overdose on it as the body disposes of excess via urine.<br />
<br />
It will clear up virus in 24 hours if you take large doses.....I gave it to my 3 year old son who also had shingles with his chicken pox....poor darling was in sooooo much pain ........he was a neww boy a day later.