Female Intuition Or Paranoia?

When I me the person i've been involved with on and off again. I saw they often seemed cold and uninterested after a few days of getting to know each other. They would lose focus when I'm talking and start talking to some1 else and sometimes a very cold uncaring look came over his face. I thought the man looked like the devil. I really thought I saw Satan because his face structure is long and devilish lol. Than I know I got issues so I'm thinking I'm being paranoid. Than I see he starts standing me up alot. He always told me he had God in him and his face often radiated with love and smiles so I start thinking maybe he has both the God and Devil. Can that be possible?

We had more standups than dates. He always had a good excuse and my concern was for the man, even though he just left me hanging and never once called to say he wouldn't be by. I start to see red flags early on and sensed the man is hiding something, 1st I thought a woman. I often thought his headgames and standup routine were me. He is shady and I found out hiding alot.

He lied alot from the start and always made his home life sound much more glamorous. He lived with his family in the ghetto. He told me he had his own 2 bedroom apt with housing assistance, he has nothing of the sort. He told me he had his own apt when he moved with a walk in closet. He has no such thing. You walk in and walk out lol.. his room is about the size of a small closet. My walk in closet is the size of his entire living space,

This man had family who owned and worked with funeral owns and said things about death like he liked it too much. This man was around death alot. Sometimes I think he's The Grim Reaper. People pass around him alot but this man lives on. He gets seriously ill and lives on. I was by his house when bullets went off early in the morning near him and he thinks nothing of it. He said he would go to my funeral and paint me when I pass. In a few months my sociopath got alot out of me put me in serious danger and stopped dealing with me. So I guess he really is the devil.
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There is nothing right about him - standing you up, being uninterested and uncaring and lying are all signs you should forget about him. He doesn't deserve you.

Yea your story is completely bizarre, but you better thank your lucky stars you werent in too deep...sounds like he was a psycho compulsive liar!

Chris... I must say that is the most bizzare story I've heard in a long time! LOL I briefly dated some weird chicks back home several yrs ago but that one takes the cake!

He seems weird