Waiting To Be Loved

I met this older guy last year,we hit it off great .We both just got out of an relationship,mine was by chose his was infedility on her part.From the start he told me about his family his computer business goals and his job that he was limited,i excepted that because i wasn't looking for a relationship.Anyway as time went by we got closer then he would back off so recently he said he was ready to committ to me because he was ready to be in another relationship so i said cool i went with that. So we have been dating almost a year he want tell ,me how he feels he knows i love him he says he is not going to tell me that he shows me.he has started spending more time with me and my son he does alot of great things for me i can see him as a long-term partner but my question is by him being an older guy no kids never been married will he ever be ready to settle down or am i wasting my time?
pamelariley44 pamelariley44
Oct 4, 2011