I have known a guy named Blake since  Kindergarden  and I am in 6th grade now i have liked him since 5th grade ! Well I was texting him the other day and he said he didn't hate me. But the day before he said he didn't like me so I told him that i liked him and he said he was ugly and i told him i thought he was hot.Then I asked him witch was it did he hate me or like me. He said LIKE.....I was so excited! I then said I like you too.              And now he won't go out with me because he said that he is mentaly retarded....I don't want to believe him but I have to because I trust him and I hope he wouldn't lie to me about something like that!

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1 Response Oct 14, 2009

woe girl! nice one your pretty brave! <br />
dont let him walk away thinking you dont care. <br />
he may just not have any confidence or maybe hes just telling you he wants to play it cool. <br />
either way, make it clear you dont think hes retarded.<br />
he'll either change his mind about you or just be pretty damn glad he has you as a mate :)