The Procedure!

Nobody ever kids themselves into believing a pap smear is a fun day at the doctor's office. But rarely is it more than a bit ackward... most of the time you can put your legs up on the stirrups and think of france or that guy you did a few years back who didn't know his penis from his elbow... poor guy..

anywho this magical afternoon i went in for my physical and was far from ackward it was painful..this woman took the care of a badger... I mean i'm still hurting 3 days later. And if anyone can tell me when did freakin' rectals become part of a routine anything!!!

I had the best gyno before this..he was kind and quick..and he would warm his hands before harassing me. But this woman was all torture... I've heard countless time woman say oh you have to get a female gyno..they can relate to you... well bull ****!

3 days later and my crotch still hurts... its like jesus could you be a little more gentler that's my happy part dammit!

and dont get me started on the rectal...a warning would be nice... its like whoa ma'am that's not the right place you're looking at... my *** is still in recovery...

Hope someone out there is relating to this... or at the very least enjoying my pain.

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My wife had a similar gynae experience, and I was there, outside a curtain!
She was seeing the specialist for a post-op checkup. Since a fella doesn't get such an opportunity very often, I was compelled to peep through the curtains, near her right foot, as she lay on the couch, on her back, with her knees bent. The guy stood by her feet, lubricated the 1st & 2nd fingers of his right hand, parted her folds, and slid his fingers into her, to do the first part of the exam. Then he explained that he needed to check the wall against the rectum, and asked her to relax her rectal muscles. He lubricated the 1st & 2nd fingers of his left hand, and pushed them, one after the other, into her rectum, whilst his other fingers were still engaged at her front passage. Although she gasped when he forced his fingers in, she didn't seem to complain at all. Only when he moved all his fingers deeper, apparently feeling up and down with the wall between his fingers, did she wince or moan.
The double-handed inspection lasted a couple of minutes, during which he quietly asked her if she'd had any sexual activity recently, whether she'd had anal, and if any of it hurt at all.
Being a horny guy, this all turned me on, and I often recall it, (when I'm alone... ).
(However, I didn't know he was actually hurting her, until she refused sex with me later).
But, was his action warranted, or was he enjoying himself? And, did she...

I just needed to add I had a similar occurence yesterday at an ER at a respectable hospital none the less. I am newly preggo and was getting a bit cramping in abdominal and lower back so I was advised to go to the ER. After sonograms and ultrasounds and blood etc they then decided to torture me some more and have a full exam done....why I ask when I just had one a few months ago....not like she can see anything with the human eye or machine at this point....this chic absolutely tortured me shoving a speculum all the way nearly to my throat and when I told her something was wrong she then had issues with removing it....I seriously nearly lost it...My dr is a male also but doesnt do OB anymore and I am so willing at this point to just pay him cash to do my exams and fwd results to the other dr I refuse to let this ***** touch me again because I got home and started bleeding again...hmmm I wonder why so when people say that you need a female...BULLSHIT I 200% agree with u that every female ive ever had was like a drill sergent and the men dr's are much gentler and nicer about the approach.....smdh now I lost 2 days pay at work instead of one and they want me back for a followup tomorrow...ummm yeah no i;m ok.

nope i didn't thik you were a doctor...

I began to worry that someone might take my post here seriously. I tend to be silly, but I am not a doctor.

I had a great gyno prior to this but she went off to private practice and i just got switched over without so much as a choice...i'm going to go seek out another one..the discomfort is fading..but it was pretty brutal the first day especially... <br />
you know its the little steps that make the exam quicker and less traumaticing...a warning and some gentleness would have gone a long way in my book...

When I do things like this I always warm the instruments to body temperature, let her know what I am doing, and seek constant feedback as to her comfort.