I Had The Night Of My Life

It was about 3 years ago. My friends stag night in Blackpool. We all had a great day and were out drinking in the pubs. I was tired and went back to the hotel for a couple of hours sleep. I got back up about midnight and went back to the pubs to carry on drinking. After returning from the pubs we all came bck to the hotel, it was about 2.30 in the morning now. Our room slept 4 and had en-suite, yes it had a TOILET. When i woke up about 3.30am needing the toilet i used the public one down the hallway, forgetting about the one in the room. I was just in my boxers thinking no-one would be up, but when i was returning i heard a girl arguing on the phone. I went to go see what was happening when i saw this girl stood outside her room totally naked. A dare no doubt by her friends and they played a joke by locking the door. She shouted to her friends to let her in because i was there looking at her with jaw on the floor. They let her in and i returned to my room. I knew my friends would not believe this so i dared to go back to the room and ask for a photo as proof, they let me in the room and there were 5 girls in the room. A couple of them were letting me take photo's but the others just had a laugh. It was a night i will never forget, 4 semi-naked girls and one fully naked girl all alone was little old me. We had a good laugh but before i left they asked me to delete the pictures. I did but kept 3 for proof for my mates. I still have them. What a night
sam8140 sam8140
36-40, M
Jul 22, 2010