My Wife Sucked My Friend.

We were downtown one night having a few cocktails and were heading home. We offered to give my friend a ride back to his place since he had been drinking and I had'nt. So we all got in the fron seat of my truck to head out. So we hit the road me my wife and him as we were heading home we decided to stop by the corner bar for a minute we all went in my buddy and my wife had a beer while I was talking to some other people we knew. My wife came over and whispered in my ear that she was horny and wanted to go home. We have both played around in the swinger lifestyle in the past so I thought she was meaning she wanted to take him back with us but she said no but she wouldnt mind flirting with him so we headed back out she was setting in the middle of both of us as we were driving and I am not sure exactly what happened but next thing i know she is rubbing his thigh and leaned over and whispered in my ear she wanted to suck his ****. I said do you want to take him home with us and she said no she just wanted to suck him off. So I said ok. I looked over and she started kissing him and making out and my buddy said hey dude whats up and I said its cool man enjoy your self. As i watched she raised her shirt so he could play with her **** as we were driving I decided to talk a longer route home so she would have more time. It wasnt long till she was trying to get his **** out but there wasnt enough room in the front of the truck so she said babe would you mind stopping so they could get in the back seat so i pulled over. They jumped out and started to get in the back seat and I heard her say take your pants off first I wanna suck you off. So I put the middle console down so I could see more and I saw my buddy climb in the truck he had taken his pants off before he got back in. He didnt have a huge **** but my wife was starved for **** and she worked it over. I could hear him moaning and her slurping on his **** and asking him if he like the way she sucked ****. She said my husband says I suck **** good do you think so and he said she was awesome. Then I heard him telling her she was a amazing **** sucker. She told me to pull over because she wanted me to watch her make him ***. So I pulled over and turned so I could get a good view of her. She was ******* him off and sucking on his balls he must have tough balls he was having her suck hard on them and pull up and let them almost snap out of her mouth looked almost painful to me but he would moan and tell her thats it baby harder. Then was getting close he told her he was gonna *** and she started sucking his **** again he started arching his back and moaning her it *** if you dont want it in your mouth you better stop and she sucked harder and he said here it **** and she sucked and swallowed every drop he had. When he was done he just sort of layed there and panted out of breath. He said dude are you ok with this and I said did you enjoy it and he said yes so I told him then I am ok with it. He got out of the truck put his pants back on and we headed back down the road and my wife said she needed another drink so we stopped and had one then took my buddy home. On the way home she thanked me and asked if it bothered me that she sucked my buddy off and I said no she said did it bother you that I swallowed his *** and I said no and sort of laughed it was better than getting it on my new truck seat. Then she said take me home baby I am gonna **** your brains out. This was a good time I hope she wants to do it again sometime it was a wild thing to see.
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Lucky guy

Great story

That's nuts bro! I'd be on cloud nine if that happen. My gal sucked me off in front of friends but never sucked a friend.

SO VERY VERY NICE!... would love my wife to do that sometime