It Happened Just Today!!!

I heard a knock at the door and I went to see who it was it was indeed the popo they were shining their flashlight in my house.I answered to find out my dumbass brother decided to steal my mom's car...he was bugging my mom all day for the car and her answer was NO and it will always remain I don't get which part of NO he doesn't understand.Okay well they showed up because someone saw my brother at the gas station acting strange like he under the influence of some drug or boozes,they took down the licence plate number and called the police and they showed up at my door.I screamed at him for taking the car this idiot is on probration already for several charges I won't get into,he is on probation for 2 years! Ugh the embarrassing part is I wasn't even wearing a freaking bra when the two police men showed up at my door hehe.What should I do? Should I tell my mom stealing a car is a big deal and he could kill someone and get more charges I am only looking out for him.Plus I cannot deal with the stress he puts my mom and I under when he does stupid ****.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

This is something really tough to tackle >.< you guys will need a lot of time. Sorry I don't have good advice,just to show you my support,don't give up on your brother :)

he doesn't even seem to learn the hard way

not an easy person to look out for. And I've worked with MICA patients

mentally ill chemically addicted. some people with mental illnesses self medicate