Black Dogs

I had this dream at least once a month every year from about age 6. Occasionally (though less frequently) I still have the same exact dream.

In the dream, I am running as fast as I can, terrified. It is dusk, I am in a strange neighborhood, and two giant black dobermans are chasing me. I jump a fence and climb into a basement window of a random white house. It is dark in the basement, but there is an old couch with a knitted throw draped across it. I quickly curl up on the couch and hide under the throw. Somehow the dogs get into the basement. They are searching the basement, trying to find me. They can smell me, but for some reason they can't locate me as long as I'm under the throw. They are so close I can feel their breath, but they never figure out that I am beneath the throw. However, they will not leave the basement. They are conent to wait until I make myself known.

Then I wake up.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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5 Responses Mar 15, 2010

The 2 dogs may have represented my mother and stepfather, to be honest.

hope things have improved now your adult,take care,

The house is you,the blck dogs are people who are out to get you for some reason,possibly some form of child abuse but the throw could be a comfort blanket.That once your under your safe.So dream read that 2 human adults are trying to hurt you so you withdraw into yourself for protection.Does this help in any way message me for more help if want.

Always, since babyhood. I never had a feeling of security.

An interesting dream and maybe a manifestation of a fear of being surrounded by people you believe are out to damage you. By keeping yourself under cover or hidden then they can't see you and hurt you. It sound's like you have a feeling of hiding and being trapped. Is it your emotions screaming don't let us out because we'll get hurt?

Thank you, that actually makes a lot of sense.