So I Went To Homecoming!

I had so much fun. My first party ditched me, the second left too then I stuck with a good friend and had a time. I danced my A** off and just had a good time. It was the first year I actually went to my schools homecoming, seeing as it's my senior year I knew it's what I should have done. I had a single regret though. There was a guy I wanted to see there but I didn't and realized that either he decided not to go or wasn't asked to go. The thing is though, I wanted to ask him, so periodically throughout the night I had a slight off feeling as I thought about it. I mean, I know he might have said no but I still wish I would have given it a shot and next dance is prom. Heh. I wounded if ill be single for that or if I'll even have the opportunity to ask. My friend and I decided that I should make an "I'm sorry note" to give him. I know, middle school behavior especially for a senior but I think it's what I'll do. I know, I know, can't fix the past, but I really like this kid and have high hopes, it shouldn't make things awkward, at least I hope it doesn't. Wish me luck?
lululost lululost
22-25, M
Oct 12, 2013