The location: corpus Christi TX. Occasion: def tones concert. I was in crutches back in 2013 and I got invited to go to a concert and when I heard it was the def tones I was like **** yeah! So we were in the front in the mosh pit I held my ground drove my crutches into the asphalt and stood on my good leg it was like having 3 legs haha so i was better off that way it was intense getting shoved around hitting mofos in the shins with my crutches purposely when they would slam into me all rowdy, I never fell tho and there wad this girl who was rubbing on me in the way I wanted its like every voyeurs dream come true haha so I started to hold her and feel her like she was feeling me and that was it we never exchanged words or anything it was a awesome moment that probably won't happen again. After everything was over we went our separate ways. She left wet like I did hard. I sometimes wish we had kept in touch but oh well.
theoneandonlyjerbear theoneandonlyjerbear
22-25, M
Aug 27, 2014