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Today I can home from school did a homework asssignment for health and was really tired so i started laying down. Babe calls me and talks about how he is gonna buy his friend tylers car and give me his car and we talked for ten minutes about that then we got off the phone. I set my phone alarm for five but i slept til six. Now from what i can remember the dream started off normal Me babe amanda robert heather madison my mom my dad and some other weird fat gothic girl and for some reason i dont remember who she can with or where she came from. She was just there she was heavy set and she had dark hair very creepy scary look. She was nice to everyone and no one asked her for her name or who she was everyone just let it go. Me the dream maker was supiciuos of her because i have never seen anyone who looked like that in my life, I didnt talk to her or interact with her it was just werid occational glances which lasted for seconds. And on with the dream, the dream took place at my grandmas house. And as i am writing this i recall before seeing here i remember it was me amanda and my grandpa. My grandpa was in his bathroom in his room on the phone with someone saying that there was a kid who was hanging around at the bottom of the drive way and he wanted them to check it out meanwhile... me and my sister are talking about how werid it was then my dream felt like it faded all into a white screen then i heard my family talking which brang me to then dream i was going on about. The weridest part when i heard my family talking the imagine of us standing around the gradge appered and she was there. She didnt come with anyone in the dream she didn't show up later she was just there standing there and she was real she was not a ghost because everyone saw her. From this point of the dream and on its very creepy. Standing around the gradge holding my boyfriend i tell him how i think shes werid and he told me to not think anything of it and don't make things difficult so i didn't say anything else about it to anyone. While we are still standing around i recieve a media message like a slide show from a random number. Whos number? It was that girl she sent me and only me this slide show and it was a friendship one like the ones you get in chain mail it was exactually like that just a slide show of that it seemed more walentine like with hearts and sweet saying. Now through out the dream which was durning the evening into night i would recieve like ten media messages from her i complimented them saying they were sweet and i showed people to bring attention that she had my number and as sending me things that mean **** to me.... and again no one thought nothing of it. So we were all sitting outside on my grandmas porch stairs and she was sitting down with us. Now meanwhile everyone is having there own side conversation my boyfriend is hardly talking to me and he is hardly ever around so i figure he is doing something with someone either talking somewhere playing a game it bothered me alittle. As we are sitting on the porch my mom asked me what was wrong with robert now anyone who knows robert knows nothing bothers him unless its somethin seriuos and he was tearing up. No one asked him if he was okay or anything we decided to let him go and do this thing and think about things. Im still getting slide show text. Next image was my babe left with someone to take him home with my brother and his girlfriend i think it was my dad taking them home and i didnt even know they were leaving i just knew someone was leaving and i figured it was that random girl who was chilling with my family. Guess not. I walk inside the house and at this point its dark outside so i walk inside and realized who left got mad and waited afew before i decided to call him. It was my mom amanda my grandma and me my grandpa and this girl in the kitchen. My grandpa said there was someone hanging around outside again so i decided to go in my room and call my boyfriend to freak on him. I check my phone one missed call from babe i call him back and he sounds happy. I bugged i said how are you gonna leave and not tell me how are you gonna leave in general and you were ignoring me the last two hours you were here and you just left now as i finish up my sentance i walked in my room and noticed that there was a door that is not there in real life but i walked in a saw the "door" behind my dresser cracked open and while im noticing everything tyler was talking and i dont even know what he was saying my mind went into shock so i went over to the door pushed it open and realized that there was a chair ten feet away from my window and on that chair was a big white bear with a red bow that i got from my boyfriend last valentines day so i walk outside the door through the snow to the chair still on the phone i noticed it was really hard to talk my voice was going and my throat was clogged with flem i tried to clear my throat it just did not work so i yelled tyler call the calls and he was like why whats going on and by this point im inside because i was so scared i just ran inside and i ran into the kitchen and started telling everyone what had happened with the door and meanwhile i recieve another media text from this girl who is sitting at the kitchen table so i flintched i said you son of a ***** ill ****** kill you while my mom was holding me back. Then i woke up.

vdubgirl vdubgirl
18-21, F
Feb 17, 2010