one day my friend s and I went to the mall and saw a group of woman.... the youngest woman looked at me and bit her tounge makin a really sexy face. my friends went to the bathroom and i satyed out and went into victorias secret. the woman followed me and watched me. I held up a thong just to mess around. it was cute so I got it, the woman came upto me when I was done buying my thong and whispered to me "I want you badly.... come with me" I got butterflies but I nodded and followed her. I texted my friends saying I went home sick. im 19 so I could drive. the woman followed me to my car and gave me her address. I went to her address and she invited me in. I went in and she closed the door behind me quickly. she hugged me from behind and started kissing my neck. she made me moan and I turned around to face her. we -made out and I became wet. she rubbed my V through my boty shorts. I moaned and she layed me on her couch and ******** me of my pants and shirt. she got ontop of me and kissed my ****. my V was getting swollen and I wanted her so bad to kiss me there. she teased me around there for a little then she finally stuck her tounge into my V. I moaned loudly and she started fingering my @$$. I was covered un wetness and she got her vibrater out and put it on my V. i screamed from the massive organism she gave me. while I was screaming she put her V ontop of my mouth and humped me. she moaned and I stuck my tounge into her wet V she moaned loudly and organsmed all ovee my mouth. I ate her then she grapped her strap on then started to grind on my wet and numb V. I moaned loudly and bit my lip. she stuck it into my V and thrusted with her remaining strength. I screamed as the next organsm came out hard and I shook. she callopsed on me still having her strap on in me. I kissed her crazy and she fell asleep on me. if anyone wants to RP or anything contact me on here fast do it while im horny!!
kitty8940 kitty8940
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2014