To start, my grandmother was taken to the hospital a week before my birthday. She was sick for a few days and couldn't keep food down. They ran tests, scans and X-rays and found a mass on her liver.

I called my mother to tell her the news and she tells me she was in a car accident a few days earlier and the car was totaled. The kicker; it was in MY car.

My boyfriend of 3 years didn't get me anything for my birthday. We went out to dinner; the two of us plus a friend of ours, but that was the extent of our 'celebration'. He left for a week long business trip on the opposite side of the world (literally) the day after.

Then my grandmother calls me 2 days later and tells me she has cancer. She doesn't drink and hasn't since she was in her 20s.
Cleverly Cleverly
Aug 3, 2010