The First Birthday After My Wedding

So I'm two months into my marriage, and my birthday comes up. I was very excited because I thought my husband might have something special planned.
In the evening, we went out with his friends. Turned out, one of the friends was celebrating his birthday too. My husband hadn't told anyone that it was my birthday. So there I was, celebrating someone else's birthday on what was my supposed to be my special day.

Needless to say, it ended in a lot of private tears since my husband doesn't even care what I am going through.
To add to that, I got no cake, no flowers, no cards. Not even a gesture to acknowledge that it was a special day.

I know people have gone through far worse on their birthdays, but this experience chilled me because I realized my husband does not care about me. Even when I gently explained why I was sad, he had nothing to say.

I sincerely hope no one else ever goes through such an awful birthday (or what promises to be a pretty awful marriage too)

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6 Responses May 14, 2012

On this day 9 years ago I was into 7th month I to unemployment after my graduation when my parents hadn't planned anything for me also they didn't let me go out with my girlfriend and friends for partying.....I got my first job a month later..... however can't forget those moments

My husband and I married after 4 years of being together, and both know exactly what each other expects, and how much 1st of everything meant to me. On my first birthday after marriage I had to go to College to pick up some documents, they gave my only a 2 hour window to pick up the documents on that exact day :( I had informed my hubby of it several weeks in advance itself. College was a far distance away and so I had to leave home by 5am, before my hubby even woke up. When I got home. I found a letter on the table that he had to go into work, he'd finish at midnight and come home by 1.

today is the first birthday after marriage,7yrs of relation,he never remebered my birth day and yesterday he fought with me because of a minor issue. he is not talking with me.and whole day he made me hungry.

Yesterday was my 25th and the guy I've been dating 2 years had nothing for me. He took me to the mall to pick out a gift which I didn't get cause I made a joke about him and he flipped out and made me cry in public on my day. I cried all night in my bed while he watched football.

now its too late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)<br />
hope u enjoyed ur bday...

Thanks so much!

relax one from my family wished me birthday except my twin brother ... sometimes its better if you dont expect much from anyone dear.

True that, it's the lesson of the year for me!