My Life Is Falling Apart. Why & Help?

I'm a grade 11 dude. The biggest things that are falling apart are the social aspects. I've never had alot of friends I really have a few really close ones then a couple normal friends then just a whole load of acquaintances. I have two very close friends, one of whom I've known for 12 years now. I hang out with a group of people but we aren't really friends in fact they've all seemed to get bitter towards me as of late. That's whats happening now everyone I know is really mean nowadays. I've even began to question what my best friend of 12 years thinks of me since I've heard he's been talking behind my back. I feel very betrayed by him, though perhaps it is punishment for taking him for granted for a long time. He seriously seems disconnected barely responding to many of my texts and sometimes outright lying to me. We've had eachothers backs for so long I'm not sure what's come over him. I have a couple good friends left but I hardly see them anymore since we share few classes together and even they are acting a little bitter. and all the people I hang out with have also been exceptionally mean lately. I've noticed that people get very harsh, mean, and bitter near the end of the school year as well could that just be it? Will it all be better when grade 12 starts? Today was the day I felt like my best friend didn't like me like I thought he did, worse yet its my birthday. In other terms, I'm falling behind a lot in my grades and that adds tons of stress to everything. Plus exams are coming up. Any words of advice of consolation would be appreciated.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Hey, I'm a sophomore, and I'm having the same problem ):. I'm running low on close friends and I honestly don't know why. Like you said, people now days are just bitter and cruel, and I'm sorry you have to go through it too..It's my birthday today and it sucks ): noone seems to care or even say happy birthday...even my closest friends. It's not a good time ):