My 41st Birthday... Terrible!

I will never forget this day as long as I live.

It was December 19th, 2005. The store had closed early the previous day because of an ice storm. I was scheduled to open. My sister thought I should phone in and tell them I'd be there in a few hours when road conditions were better. I rejected this advice out of loyalty to my employer. I told the manager on duty that I was coming on the bus and would be there ASAP.

There was a large patch of ice on the sidewalk at the bottom of the driveway. I tried to carefully step over it but wound up slipping and falling. Somehow, I landed in my right arm. I was on the ground for a few minutes before my brother in law saw me, picked me up, and got me back inside.

The next thing I did was call my employer back and tell the manager what happened. I then headed upstairs, thinking a nap might make me feel better. This did not work because I was in too much pain. When I got up, it took me an hour to work through the pain and get dressed again.

When I made my way back downstairs, my sister was waiting for me. She already knew I was hurt and had arranged an appointment with my doctor for that afternoon. He ordered up the xrays and had us go to the hospital.

The images showed that I had broken my arm. Eventually, someone on the staff (probably a PA) showed my how to use the sling I would be using for the next two months.

The aftermath was not good. The medical insurance covered the hospital visit and the specialist, but not the physical therapy. The specialists billing department charged for surgery, even though there was no cast needed, just the sling. By far, the worst aspect of my recovery was being restricted to working self check out.

A few days later, my sister gave me shoe chains for Christmas. I wish I had them on my birthday.

A few years, there was a snowstorm. Again, I told my bosses I was on my way. This time, I fell in the driveway a couple of times in deep snow. I wasn't hurt, but I learned my lesson from '05. I turned around, called the store, and told them I couldn't make it.
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Aug 13, 2012