My 20th Birthday!!

Well I had the worse birthday ever this year!! It happened 17 days ago!! I thought this was going to be the best birthday ever but no it wasn't!! I didn't get to do a single thing!! I didn't get to go out with my friends just stay home with my family which I would have liked to go and spend time with my friends!! But usually the birthday people get to pick out what we were going to have for supper and have the first serving!! This year however was different!! I didn't get to!! My mom decided we were going to have breakfast burritos and I really don't like having them because of the grease!! But I had to cook it even though it was my birthday!! I didn't get the first serving either!! When it was time to have cake I had to ask them to sing to me ask them!! Shouldn't they already be singing?! I got the first serving of cake cause I asked!! I didn't even get any birthday present of any sort not even a card!! Just really was the worse birthday ever and it made me mad!! If it is just me that gets treated like this on their birthday that is so unfair and rude!! Nobody just seemed to care about it not even my family!!
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It looks like yo are struggling with depression. I'm not in your circle, but if you want We can message back and forth or something. Straight up friendship, no strings. I have suffered from loneliness and depression plenty in the past.

Aww, I'm so sorry. I wish I was closer, you would have received cards and gifts.

sorry to hear that

This isnt my account btw its my sisters and shes really peed that i was so mean so i have to say sorry... sorry

what a *****!