The Worst 11th Birthday!

Its on saturday so i didnt have to go to school but all i did was shopping and i simply hate shopping and we didnt get a birthday cake and i didnt get a single present and i couldnt get a phone for the first time ever! so my dads buying me a rubbish one and my bonfire didnt work! and i couldnt use my rainbow sparklers and i couldnt go to the cinema or use my new fondue because there was nothing to melt and eat not even strawberries or marshmallows. i was asleep for 3 hours because of how boring the day was. everyone forgot aswell that its my birthday. For me its not so bad because ive never had a good birthday ever so i dont know what it feels like to have a great birthday but for you all you might think "that must not have been a good day for and 11 year old!"
8frances8 8frances8
Dec 9, 2012