Every Present I Had Broke

yesterday was my birthday I open loads of amazing presents:
Gaming computer,Tablet Case, Tablet Game, money and a £1000 check
Well after I opened all my presents I went and played on my tablet after I put the game and case on. but my tablet kept shutting it self off because of the case so I took it off then played my new game but after 15 min of playing it it crashed and I could not get back on it. so then I went to try my new computer it looked amazing but for some reason it had no internet and no sound so I got some speakers for the sound but when I plugged in my speakers the computer exploded. so far no good but on the floor by my computer all my money had been eaten by the dog. therefore all I had left was my check so I was still very happy, I went out with my family and had a snow ball fight but when I got back I noticed my wallet was gone with the check in.
So what do you think of that for an 18th birthday
madinferno95 madinferno95
1 Response Jan 21, 2013