Death, Homelessness, Poverty And Starvation - A Birthday To Love!

My birthdays have always been terrible, awful things happen in the weeks leading up to the day, without fail, every birthday I lose my job, suddenly find myself without money, have no food in the house, get ill and frequently someone dies in the lead up to the big day.

Worse one was when my grandad died - on the day. 

Second  worst was when I was homeless, and it was bitterly cold, I slept in a car park that night, hungry, freezing cold and with laryngitus. 

This lovely year my father died a couple of weeks ago, I lost my job, I have no money and I am ill.

I have come to dread my birthdays, I know that no matter how hard I try, the weeks leading up to them - sometimes even the months, will be filled with pain, despair, hunger and death. 

I wonder sometimes if I must be evil, that is why I am punished on the day of my birth. 

But whatever reason there is for the horror of my special day, I know to approach the day hiding in my house, and praying that whatever happens, doesn't happen to someone I love.

Happy birthday me for 2 days time. 


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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

It is my 13th birthday today april 16 2012 and i had been looking forward to it for so long i had such big plans and then today i woke up and my mum said i want to u to pray to god and thank him for everything you have then pray to god some more then some more and then i said and then? and then she said welll nothing just carry on the same day routine and i got so upset because i wanted a nice birthhday for once in my life and i get nothing no one cares and it just made me cry on my birthday

this happens to my mother. Something bad always happens to the people around her on her birthday. The family calls it her birthday curse.